Retro Glasses

Retro styles for cutting-edge fashion

Today’s fashionistas draw on yesterday’s styles for inspiration. With vintage classics starting at just $69, they’re affordable too. With our collection of retro glasses frames you’re sure to find a pair that add a touch of old school glamour or vintage flair. All glasses come with single vision lenses and a scratch-resistant treatment.


Reworked traditional tweeds, wools and tartans, wornwith classic tortoiseshell specs, signify this season's style trends.


Marto $299

MARTO - $439

This rounded, semi-rimless aviator style is a real trend-setter. It takes inspiration from Scandinavian styles. This frame has lots of style credential and all the functional attributes, such as flexi hinges and stainless steel. Ref code: 25635959. View our range of men's glasses.

Boss Orange 0054

BOSS ORANGE 0054 - $369

A hint of cat's eye adds another element of glamour to this beautifully coloured frame. The gorgeous tortoiseshell upswept front and purple sides give this frame a strong, highly fashionable identity. Ref code: 25636161.
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SUN RX 51 - $299

Rich, deep red in colour, this deep plastic frame has pins on the sides and a keyhole bridge, which makes the style an interesting mix of both modern and retro fashion. Ref code: 25306620.
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