Prescription contact lenses guide

Contact lenses cover a wide range of prescriptions, so if you thought your prescription was too complicated, or you need more than one vision type, there’s a good chance we can find a contact lens for you.

Your Contact lens prescription

Your contact lens prescription will not be the same as your glasses prescription, so you’ll need to have a separate contact lens assessment to determine what kind of prescription you’d need. This will detail the base curve and diameter of the lens, what kind of material or brand to use, and how long the prescription will last.

If you’re worried that your prescription is too low or too high for contact lenses, come and have a chat with us in store. Our optometrists will be able to advise which lenses are available to you.

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Progressive contact lenses

If you normally wear progressive glasses, you can also wear contact lenses suited to your vision needs. Progressive contact lenses can help you easily switch between prescriptions, from near, to far, and in-between – without the need for additional glasses.

They provide ‘real world’ vision, which is great for days when you don’t want to wear glasses, or they can be worn every day.

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Toric contact lenses for astigmatism

Many glasses wearers will have astigmatism – it’s a very common condition that occurs when the cornea or lens of the eye is shaped more like the curve of a rugby ball, rather than the perfect curvature of a soccer ball. This causes blurry vision, as the light is unable to focus properly within the eye.

Toric lenses are shaped to suit this different eye curvature and allows people with astigmatism to focus, like you would with standard contact lenses.

How can I get toric contact lenses?

Like any contact lens, your optometrist will be able to prescribe the right lens for your vision and eye shape. If you have astigmatism and you’d like to try contact lenses, pop into store to discuss with your optometrist, or start a free trial.

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