Digital Hearing Aid Range And Prices

Designed and built by leading manufacturers, our products range from a basic digital hearing aid, to the most sophisticated technology currently available and are suitable for all types of hearing loss. Our audiology professionals will work with you to find a solution that meets your listening needs, lifestyle and budget. Along with the exclusively available Specsavers Advance range, we offer upfront pricing, absolutely no hidden fees and won't charge you more for different fitting styles.

Hearing aid product comparison
Price per pair MOH subsidy scheme price per pair # Rechargeable option (+$500) 1:1 dialogue TV and radio Phones Outdoor activities Small groups Car Social events and crowds
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hearing aids by Specsavers

Standard $1499 $475 No
Plus $2199 $1175 Yes
Premium $2899 $1875 Yes
Super $3499 $2475 Yes
Elite $4099 $3075 Yes
Hearing aids by  ReSoundPhonak and Signia
Super $5299 $4275 Yes
Elite $6499 $5475 Yes

# MOH subsidy scheme price includes subsidy of $1022.22 per pair.

Every purchase comes with free aftercare for 12 months which includes maintenance checks and adjustments made whenever you need, free batteries for 12 months, a four-year warranty and a 90-day satisfaction period.

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Specsavers Audiology is rolling out progressively across New Zealand. If you can’t find a store near you, keep your ear out as one could be launching soon!

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* 15 minute hearing check

This is a 15 minute appointment. If further testing is required in a longer appointment, a fee will be incurred.

+ Aftercare

Aftercare includes all fitting, maintenance and follow-up appointments for a 12 month period.

^ Batteries for 12 months

Customers will be provided with enough batteries to reasonably operate their hearing aids for a one year period.

~ 90-day satisfaction period

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase at Specsavers. If you have any concerns within the first 90 days of the date of your purchase we will put it right. This is in addition to your rights under the New Zealand Consumer Law.

& Rechargable batteries

Rechargeable batteries are available for this model for $500 extra.