Tips to stop your glasses fogging when wearing a face mask

With face masks becoming part of our everyday lives, we are getting a lot of questions from customers who wear glasses about how to stop their glasses from fogging up.

Our glasses fog up when we wear a face mask because our warm breath escapes out the top of the mask when we breathe out and when it hits the cooler lens of our glasses, it cools down and forms condensation which causes that fogging effect, making it hard for us to see properly.

We know it’s the last thing that glasses wearers need as it can be really frustrating, so here are some useful tips to get you by.

How your glasses frames should fit your face

1. Pull your mask up your nose and rest your glasses on top

The reason why your glasses keep fogging up is because your breath is escaping out the top of your mask. If you can seal the top of the mask with the weight of your specs, you may find it much easier.

2. Stick your mask on your nose and cheeks with some surgical tape

If the weight of your glasses doesn’t do the trick, you can always use some surgical tape to adhere your mask to your face. You’ll find that the longer the tape is the better the seal will be so it’s best to stick the tape onto the bridge of your nose and along your cheek bone. You can find suitable surgical tape easily at your local pharmacy.

3. Adjust your mask ties

Is your mask tight and snug? Adjusting the nose bar and your mask ties can make a real difference. The tighter the fit of the mask, the more it is going to stop your breath from coming out.

4. Use contact lenses

If you’re fed up and can’t seem to get the hang of wearing a mask with your glasses, contacts could be the way to go. They are steam free and comfortable and at Specsavers, we offer a free contact lens trial for people new to contact lenses.