Single-vision lenses

This lens type has one prescription that covers the whole lens. They’re typically for people with long or short sight that only need glasses for things like driving or reading – so they have clear vision for seeing up-close or far away.

Are single-lenses right for me?

If you only need glasses for one type of vision, your optometrist may prescribe single-vision lenses to you. You may need your glasses only for driving or only for reading. Your optometrist will be able to recommend the best lens option to suit your needs.

Frames for single-vision lenses

Cost of single-vision lenses

All of our glasses at Specsavers come with standard single-vision lenses, free, as well as a scratch-resistant treatment. You can also choose from a range of extra lens treatments and options that can protect or enhance your glasses.

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Single-vision lenses provide a correction to only one vision type, whereas multifocal lenses are lenses that have multiple corrections within the one lens, in different sections.

Single-vision lenses have one prescription. Whereas bifocal lenses have a distinct line in the lens where the two prescriptions vary – the upper part is to correct distance vision and the lower part is to correct close vision.

Seems everyone is talking about blue light filters and blocking lenses to stop it from harming our eyes. Let’s back up a bit and give you some information to help put blue light and ‘blockers’ in perspective.

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