How to recharge your hearing aids

Charging your rechargeable hearing aids is a simple process. All rechargeable hearing aids come with a charger case and all function in a similar way.

  1. Connect the charger case to a power source. The light on the case will turn on when connected. Some charging cases can hold charge, so they may not need to be connected to a power source at all times.
  2. To recharge your hearing aids, place the hearing aids into the case ensuring that you follow the right/left indicator red for right and blue for left.
  3. Once in the case the hearing aids will switch off and begin charging. You will know the hearing aids are charging when the light begins to blink.
  4. Most hearing aids will take 90 minutes to charge to 80% and 3 hours to charge fully. Once the light stops blinking the hearing aids are fully charged.

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