How to change your hearing aid wax filters

If you find that your hearing aids aren’t working properly, not producing sound or the sound is muffled, you may need to change your wax filters.

Ever noticed your sound losing its sparkle? Blame it on those tiny wax filters! They're the unsung heroes defending your hearing aids from ear gunk and moisture.

Preserve Symphony-Quality Sound

Don't let your favourite tunes sound like they're underwater. Regular wax filter changes keep the music playing, the laughter clear, and the dialogue crisp—because life's too short for muffled moments.

Protect Your Hearing Investment

Your hearing aids are more than gadgets; they're investments in a vibrant life. Treat them right! Swapping out wax filters saves you from preventable repairs and ensures your aids stick around for the long haul.

Ready for the good news? Maintaining your hearing aids is a breeze. Explore our step-by-step guide below or watch our demonstration video.

  1. Remove the dome from the hearing aid
  2. Replace the battery using a magnetic tool. Place the battery in the door and close the door making sure it is firmly shut.
  3. Turn the tool around and push the new filter into the sound outlet
  4. Reattach the dome

If you are unsure which type of wax filter you have or you need further assistance, our Audiology Professionals are always here to help.