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How do I clean my Behind-The-Ear with ear moulds hearing aid?


Watch our video and follow these easy steps when when cleaning your Behind-The-Ear with ear moulds hearing aid.

  1. First, wipe the hearing aid using a clean dry cloth. Using the brush provided with your hearing aid, gently remove any wax or debris from the ear mould and main device.
  2. If there is any wax in the tubing of the ear mould, detach the tube from the body of the hearing aid. Carefully clean it out by gently blowing through the tubing. Reattach the earmold to the device.
  3. Once a month, the ear mould can be removed from the device and carefully washed with warm soapy water,
  4. Leave the ear mould overnight to dry. In the morning use the blower tool or gently blow through the tubing to remove any remaining water, before reattaching it to the main device