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How do I clean my Behind-The-Ear with thin tubes hearing aid?


Watch our video and follow these easy steps when when cleaning your Behind-The-Ear with thin tubes hearing aid.

  1. First wipe the hearing aid using a clean dry cloth. Using the brush provided with your hearing aid, gently remove any wax or debris from the dome and main device.
  2. If the dome looks worn, remove the dome, and replace it with a new one.
  3. Once a week you will need to clean the tubing. Remove the dome and detach the tube from the body of the hearing aid. A special cleaning wire is provided with the hearing aid and is the only tool that should be used to clean the tube. Insert the cleaning wire into the tube, starting at the end that clips onto the hearing aid, feed it through until it passes out of the ear tip.
  4. This process should remove any wax build-up in the tube. Reattach the dome to the tube, and the tube to the body of the hearing aid.