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My Behind-The-Ear hearing aid is not producing sound, what can I do?


If you find that your Behind-The-Ear hearing aids aren’t working properly, watch our video and try some of these techniques at home. If you are still having trouble, visit one of our audiology professionals for a maintenance check.

  1. First, restart the device by opening and closing the battery door, making sure the door is firmly shut. The hearing aid is switched on when the battery door is closed.
  2. Replace the battery using a magnetic tool. Place the battery in the door and close the door making sure it is firmly shut.
  3. Clean the earmold and tubing. Wipe the hearing aid using a clean dry cloth. Using the brush provided with your hearing aid, remove any wax or debris from the earmould and main device.
  4. If there is any wax in the tubing of the ear mould, detach the tube from the body of the hearing aid and carefully clean it out with a blower tool like this one. or by gently blowing through the tubing. Reattach the earmold to the device.