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What should I do if I leave my lenses in overnight by mistake?


Even if you fall asleep for only a short while with your lenses in you may find they have become stuck to the surface of the eye - especially if you are dehydrated, eg after drinking alcohol. Never attempt to remove the lenses if they do not come off easily. Instead blink and apply lens comfort drops if you have them until your eye surface becomes more moist. The lenses will then become mobile again and you will be able to remove them. It is sensible to leave your lenses out the following day to give your eyes a chance to recover, and if you have any persistent discomfort or redness see your optometrist as soon as possible. If your lifestyle or work requires you to wear your lenses for long hours and even to sleep in them, then there is a lens type that is designed to be worn in this way – the continuous wear lens.  Ask your optometrist whether this type of lens is suitable for your eyes.