Dare to try something new
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Dare To Try Something New

Glasses come in many shapes and sizes, which can really change your look. It can also make the experience of choosing glasses overwhelming.

At Specsavers, we encourage you to experiment and try on a few different styles – and we're here to help you do just that.

If the frame fits and suits your lifestyle and prescription – it's ok to break some fashion rules and create a new style that suits you – the wearer!

How to wear: 

Come out of your comfort zone and experiment with something new, especially if you find you own a few pairs of frames in similar shape’s & colors.

Dare to try something new

Whatever your mood or occasion, glasses should enhance your look and make you feel stylish and confident

Face Shape: 

The underlying theory when choosing your glasses is to select frames opposite to the shape of your face.

Round faces, try something bold or angular 

Angular, square-shaped faces, go for a style that is rounder

Oval faces, lucky you – it's likely that any shaped frame will suit you so go forth and try a few new ones on.

Dare to try something new