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It’s all about ELLERY

Our ambassador, @JeffLackStylist knows good style and he’s here to point you in the right direction.

The frames you need this Summer are from the 'IT' girl of Australian women’s fashion design, ELLERY.

ELLERY 22 animal instincts are released for the strong independent woman in these bold lively frames.

For the lovers of all black outfits, these are the frames to bring some personality into your look. The world is yours, so get ‘em tiger!

ELLERY 23 are clear favourites and the most versatile of all the collection releases this season.

You won’t look back after you get yourself acquainted with these clear frame beauties. Oversizes silhouettes and draping work beautifully with the clear frames in a modern shape. Delicious, delectable must have frames for every woman this season.

ELLERY SUN RX 09 is bold in shape and neutral in tone, the best of both worlds. Perfect for the workday commute and weekend coastal frolicking. Charcoal, black and white structured suiting lines are my ideal combinations with these sexy frames.

ELLERY 14 – you know I can’t go past a frame with a tinted lens and I’ll be wearing these with attitude this season.