Loving glasses with Jillian Jackson
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Loving glasses with Jillian Jackson

Co-owner of Hats on Salamanca at Hobart’s trendy markets, Jillian is 65 years old and like so many of us, when she got past the age of 50, she found her sight slowly start to deteriorate. We caught up with Jillian to chat to her about exactly how she felt the first time she realised that she needed to wear glasses and how she feels about them now.


How long have you been wearing glasses?
For 13 years.

When did you first realise that you needed to wear glasses and how did it make you feel?
I was at a restaurant and I couldn’t read the menu properly. I had to hold it out as far away from my eyes as I possibly could, in order to focus – it was the only time I wished for longer arms! But in all seriousness, I realised that I was getting older and my eyes weren’t what they used to be – it was very confronting.

Did you have any apprehension about booking in with the optometrist for an eye test?
None – I knew that I had to determine how bad my vision had become, so I went and had my sight tested straight away – I was lucky that I didn’t have any other eye health issues.

Do you have any advice for new glasses wearers?
Own it! So many people now wear glasses proudly. It’s a style statement and glasses have become so fashionable now – they are seen on the red carpet and runways! Wearing glasses gives you an opportunity to let a bit of your personality come through – for me, they have become an extension of my outfit or current mood.

Jillian Jackson wears Marc Jacobs 09


Do you think it’s important to have confidence to look your best?
Confidence helps people radiate an energy that others are attracted too.

Have you always been confident wearing glasses?
No – wearing glasses for the first time, I felt self-conscious and it made me feel older, which was very different to how I felt inside. The options at the time, were not as good as they are today. I’ve always prided myself on keeping up with the fashion trends, as that’s part of my job – so now I’m absolutely loving the variety – glasses have now become one of favourite accessories to go with my outfit.

How would you describe your unique style?
Fearless – being a little older I don’t care what others think – I like being retro, chic, funky, fashionable and having fun! Most of all, I wear what makes me feel good and works in with my mood of the moment.

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Has your spec style evolved over the years?
Absolutely – the choice available now allows me to experiment. At first, I might have chosen more standard shapes and colours, but now I love a bold frame so I can make a style statement!

Who is your spec style icon? Audrey Hepburn? Marilyn Monroe? Iris Apfel?

  • Marta Dusseldorp – I love that she’s the face of Carla Zampatti’s eyewear range and I think she’s so great in ‘A Place to Call Home’!
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Eva Mendes
Jillian Jackson wears KENZO KZ3502S

Do you have certain styles that you wear for different occasions?

Date night (every Saturday night) with my hubby of 39 years I would choose my Cath Kidston 01 pair – these are also my everyday wear as I feel so comfortable in them.

For a ladies Luncheon in the sun, I would choose my favourite sunglasses, Collette Dinnigan Sun Rx 22 – I’ve had these for years and I still love them!

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Read more info about #LoveGlasses here.
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