Play Around With Different Styles
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Play Around With Different Styles

The key to making contrast frame shapes work for your face shape – look at your face!

Let's get in front of the mirror and look at all your angles. One you've got an idea of the shape of your face, you'll know which contrasting shape frames to start experimenting with.

If you find that you're a softer, rounder face shape, try a square or rectangular pair of glasses or sunglasses. These will create a narrowing effect and sharpen softer features.

What a rounder frame shape will do on a round face is exaggerate the shape of your face.

If your face has a strong jaw line, wide forehead or an angular appearance try a soft oval or round shape frame. Alternatively, thinner framed glasses that won't overpower or a wider-than-the-jawline shape to help balance the face might just be perfect for you

Play Around With Different Styles

Angular frames on an angular face will emphasize those features and is less likely to provide you with that contrasting look & feel.

Truly an oval face shape, evenly proportioned and only slightly rounded, our advice to you, be adventurous.

Go for bold and oversized shapes, you'll be able to pull these off. Avoid nothing, try color even if you're comfortable with something a little more eye catching

Play Around With Different Styles