Your Glasses Style

Here’s why we could all use a second pair.

We’ve all experienced it. Losing your glasses might just possibly be one of the most frustrating things that will happen to you on any given day. Not to mention – it only happens when you need them the most.

With two pairs, you can purchase a statement frame with your everyday pair. You can go loud with colour and choose a pared back translucent style. You can choose to add some bling to your spec style and go for that aviator pair of sunnies you’ve had your eye on. While your go-to pair is perfect for work and your day to day, the statement frame will elevate your look and we promise, there’ll be no regrets, just a lot of turning heads.

We need our specs so we can get on with what we do best, and a second pair can make all the difference to ensure you’re not caught short without your glasses. Let’s face it, we could all use a second pair of glasses. Here are some reasons why two pairs are better than one. 

Your spare pair.

The hero of all second pairs – the spare pair is a saviour and we salute you. It's always there when you need it and when you need it, you're always thankful. Today we celebrate the spare pair. 

Your glare pair.

Picture this. Lounging poolside in your best pink flamingo floaty or fav orange number, ice cold drink in hand. Sunscreen on – check. Fav book – yes please! Wait – that glare, where’s my second pair?

Your ex is over there, pair.

Lower your shades and you become invisible right? You’ve probably experienced that feeling of wanting to sink into the ground when your ex walks past. Don’t underestimate the power of a polarised prescription pair that will protect you from the outside world when you need it the most.

Polarised lenses will also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays – so again, the second pair has so many uses.

The lookin’ debonair pair.

Don’t you just love it when you know you’re lookin’ fine? We all need a second pair for that style with flair that just screams YES!

It’s the small details that can make an outfit great and a statement pair of glasses can finish off your look. Best of all, the right pair of glasses will make you feel good.

How’d you get in there, pair.

It might be hard to explain, and you wouldn’t believe it unless it had happened to you… enough said. We can help. Head into store to find that glorious saviour, the illustrious second pair.