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Your Glasses Style

Loveglasses Finalists

#LoveGlasses celebrates the individual style and confidence of those who wear glasses.

Meet our #LoveGlasses finalists. Who do you think will win?

Mia MacDonald, 25, Auckland

“I would describe my spec style as Elegant, vintage and wide-eyed. 

I love both the practical, functional side of being able to see more clearly, along with the fashion element in a pair of glasses. They add a sense of sophistication and personality, unlike any other accessory.”

Specsavers Newmarket
Mia McDonald

Greer Samuel, 27, Wellington

“I would say my specs style is simple sass!

I love that you can have different styles and they can change a look completely. I absolutely love that you can co-ordinate colours in frames with outfits.

Because I’m studying now and I do a lot of dance/movement in my Performing Arts classes, so I need specs that are practical and that can go with any outfit.

I am really enjoying thicker frames at the moment. I think they look really chic and because I have a rounder face, I feel that bold square shaped glasses frame my face better.”

Specsavers Lambton Quay
Greer Samuel

Stephanie Gardner, 26, Auckland

 “I would describe my glasses style as fun! I have a few frames and most are bright colours, funky shapes, or 'out there' styles.

I love to change up a look just by changing my glasses.

I would love to win a year’s supply of glasses – I'm a glasses hoarder as I love all of the styles so much, however some aren't my prescription anymore. I'd love to have a more updated 'glasses wardrobe' and expand what glasses I wear on an everyday basis.”

Specsavers Albany
​Stephanie Gardner

Rizza B, 28, Wellington

“With glasses, I see everything crystal clear without squinting. Plus, glasses have the added bonus of looking wise with style.

I love the Aviator. Classic, very stylish and looks good on both men and women. it will never go out of style!

It is a special feeling and something to be proud of to be given the opportunity to win. It'll be awesome to win and be able to pick more specs that I can match with my get up on different occasions.”

Specsavers Lower Hut Queensgate
​Rizza B

Joseph Brul, 31, Auckland

“As an operating room nurse, clear vision is really important. Wearing glasses has a been part of my life for a long time and I love them. Aside from the fact that my eyes need them, it’s great to try some new looks too. 

I would say that my glasses style is classic, casual and sporty. I always try to match it with my frames to my personality and face shape. 

It’s really a big surprise to me to be a finalist, but I love it and I’m hoping to be selected as a winner because I’m a specs enthusiast – I love trying a variety of styles that match my clothing and basically my activity for a certain day. It also reflects my personality or even mood sometimes. I’m dreaming to become an ambassador of specs to do some good purpose for humankind.”

Specsavers Glenfield Mall
​Joseph Brul

Don’t worry, there’s still a chance to win some great prizes. Enter by posting a spec selfie to social media using #LoveGlasses and @SpecsaversNewZealand for a chance to win some great prizes!

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PLUS - $1 from every spec selfie will be donated to The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ, who work hard to restore sight to the needlessly blind. You can read more information about The Foundation here: