Your Glasses Style

If you feel good, you look good too. #LoveGlasses winner announced!

You make your glasses, the glasses don’t make you! We’ve been celebrating the exceptional spec style of glasses wearers across Australia and New Zealand by asking you to share spec selfies on social media for a chance to win some great prizes. It’s all about style over fashion, because to us, #LoveGlasses is all about individual style preferences and self-expression.

After searching through hundreds of spectacular spec selfies, one lucky spec wearer, Gemma Burrows, was announced as the #LoveGlasses winner for 2019 and joined six other finalists from Australia for a VIP photoshoot and an exclusive styling session with Alex Perry in Sydney.  

Why not stand out from the crowd and be yourself? That’s Gemma’s motto when it comes to style. When choosing glasses? The brighter the better. Gemma is of the mindset, "If I’m going to wear glasses, then I’m really going to wear them!" 

Scrolling though Gemma’s Instagram feed, it’s clear from the onset that Gemma’s individual style is all about celebrating every colour under the rainbow and choosing a statement frame to match.

Gemma had a feeling that she needed to wear glasses when she was sitting in the back row of her first university class and was surprised when she couldn’t see the screen.

“My glasses style has really evolved since my first pair. Initially, I didn’t want anyone to notice that I was wearing them. They were the plainest pair I could find and I wore the same pair all the time.

It wasn’t until I moved to Wellington that my view on glasses and the way I wore them changed. I was really inspired by the fashion around me – people in Wellington wear what makes them feel good, they wear what they want to wear. Living around that every day, I came to the realisation that I didn’t have to blend in or try to hide my glasses away. So now, I like to wear outfits that stand out and make me smile!

Over the last few years, I’ve built up a collection of glasses so I can match them to the colours that I’m wearing that day. I also like to dress for the occasion – for International Cat Day, I even wore my favourite cat’s-eye tortoiseshell pair!

Glasses can really make the outfit and I have fun putting it all together. Every year, I treat myself to two new frames. I really look forward to that and think about what colours I may be missing so I can add it to my wardrobe. I see my glasses as a way of expressing a part of my personality. They’re a part of who I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way!” 

Gemma has now scored a trip overseas to the value of $5,000 plus $1,000 spending money to enjoy when she gets there.

Gemma also received a year’s supply of glasses to ensure her spec style can be matched to every outfit in her wardrobe and will become a new face of Specsavers for all glasses wearers to relate to.

Best yet, $1 for every spec selfie has been donated by Specsavers to The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ, which works hard to restore sight to the needlessly blind.