More power to hear the sounds you love. Find out what our customers like about our Behind-The-Ear (Behind-The-Ear) hearing aids which is available at all technology levels and learn how they work and if they sound right for you.

Sounds good

Our customers have spoken up about their favourite Behind-The-Ear features:

  • Whatever the severity of your hearing loss – even severe to profound – the Behind-The-Ear fitting style can accommodate your hearing needs.
  • The Behind-The-Ear’s larger size allows for more technology features and a longer battery life compared to smaller fitting styles.
  • Always in good hands. With its in-ear tube, Behind-The-Ear hearing aids are generally easier to handle, making them suitable for users with dexterity issues.

Have you heard?

Some tips you’ll want to hear about the Behind-The-Ear style:

  • Behind-The-Ear hearing aids are more visible compared to other fitting styles.
  • Enjoy spending time outdoors? The Behind-The-Ear’s placement behind the ear can make this style more susceptible to wind noise compared to other in-the-ear fitting styles.
  • Wear glasses or headphones? This style’s larger behind-the-ear attachment can cause discomfort if you regularly wear glasses or over-the-ear headphones.

Hear how it works

Keen to know how this fitting style operates? Listen up!

  • Our Behind-The-Ear hearing aids sit behind the ear, with a plastic tube and soft dome or earmold delivering sound directly into the ear canal.
  • Sound is processed in the hearing aid, captured by the microphone and delivered through the tube and soft dome or earmold into the ear.
  • The larger size of our Behind-The-Ear hearing aids can allow for higher amplification and power capabilities to help you hear even better.

Sound like you?

If you like the sound of this fitting style, or you’d like to discuss your options with an Audiology Professional, book a hearing aid discussion appointment at your local Specsavers store.