Virtually invisible, and made-to-measure. Find out what else our customers like about our Completely-In-Canal fitting style which is available at all technology levels and learn how they work and if they might just be made for you.

Sounds good

Our customers have spoken up about their favourite Completely-In-Canal features:

  • The Completely-In-Canal’s discreet size and in-ear placement make this fitting style nearly invisible when worn.
  • If you like the thought of a more natural sound experience, you’ll experience that with the Completely-In-Canal, thanks to the receiver’s deep but comfortable placement inside the ear canal. It takes advantage of the natural acoustics of the ear which contributes to the quality of natural sound.

Hear from an Audiology Professional

“Custom hearing aids are available in a wide range of styles. They are tailor made to fit into your ear comfortably and to be as discrete as possible. If you have short hair and wear glasses, they are a fantastic option.”

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Have you heard?

Some tips you’ll want to hear about the Completely-In-Canal style:

  • To put your hearing in good hands, the Completely-In-Canal’s smaller size needs good dexterity to handle the device and adjust the settings.
  • The in-ear style can make Completely-In-Canal hearing aids more susceptible to moisture and debris collection. So you’ll want to ensure your ears and hearing aids are cleaned as needed to keep the sound crisp and clear.
  • Consider your technology needs – the Completely-In-Canal’s smaller design may have limited space for additional controls and features you may like.

Hear how it works

Keen to know how this fitting style operates? Listen up!

  • Completely-In-Canal hearing aids are custom-made to fit comfortably and completely inside the ear canal.
  • Their small size contains all the components needed to amplify and process sound to help you hear better.
  • Sound is delivered directly into your ears through the speaker positioned within the canal.

Sound like you?

If you like the sound of this fitting style, or you’d like to discuss your options with an Audiology Professional, book a hearing aid discussion appointment at your local Specsavers store.