Ready to wear – but are they right for your listening needs? Find out what customers like about our Instant Fit hearing aids which are available at all technology levels and learn how they work and if they sound like they’ll work for you.

Sounds good

Our customers have spoken up about their favourite Instant Fit features:

  • Simple in design and easy to use, Instant Fit hearing aids suit users who prefer a straightforward hearing aid solution.

Have you heard?

Some tips you’ll want to hear about the Instant Fit style:

  • Since Instant Fit hearing aids are off-the-shelf, they may not fit as precisely or comfortably as custom-fit designs.
  • Consider your specific hearing aid requirements. This fitting style may offer fewer customisation options to address individual hearing needs or unique ear shapes.
  • What’s the severity of your hearing loss? Instant Fit hearing aids may not provide the amplification levels of custom-fit models.

Hear how it works

Keen to know how this fitting style operates? Listen up!

  • Instant Fit hearing aids come with adjustable soft domes in multiple sizes to accommodate different ear shapes, so you can choose the one that best fits your ear canal.
  • The sound is amplified by the hearing aid's internal components, and delivered through the soft dome into the ear canal to help you hear better.

Sound like you?

Instant Fit hearing aids aren’t suitable for all hearing needs. If you’d like to discuss this fitting style – or if you have more complex hearing requirements or specific ear conditions, book a hearing aid discussion appointment with one of our Audiology Professionals who’ll help determine the most appropriate hearing aid option for your individual needs.