Perhaps our extremely discreet hearing aid style is music to your ears? Discover what our customers like about our Invisible-In-Canal hearing aids which are available at all technology levels and learn how they work and if they might be right for you.

Sounds good

Our customers have spoken up about their favourite Invisible-In-Canal features:

  • The Invisible-In-Canal’s extremely discreet size and in-ear placement make this fitting style virtually invisible when worn.
  • You’ll enjoy a more natural sound experience and improved sound quality, as sound is delivered closer to the eardrum.
  • Invisible-In-Canal hearing aids are custom-made to fit your ear canal, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods. Sound like a perfect fit?
  • If you enjoy spending time outdoors, this style’s placement inside the ear can provide some protection against wind noise.
  • Invisible-In-Canal hearing aids rely on the ear’s natural acoustics, helping you distinguish sounds coming from different directions.
  • Many Invisible-In-Canal models come with features like volume control and different hearing modes that you can conveniently control via a smartphone app.

Hear from an Audiology Professional

“Custom hearing aids are available in a wide range of styles. They are tailor made to fit into your ear comfortably and to be as discrete as possible. If you have short hair and wear glasses, they are a fantastic option.”

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Have you heard?

Some tips you’ll want to hear about the Invisible-In-Canal style:

  • While the Invisible-In-Canal is discreet in design, this small style may have a shorter battery life, and may not be suitable for severe hearing loss.
  • Consider your technology needs – it’s size may limit the availability of additional features you may like such as Bluetooth compatibility.
  • To put your hearing in good hands, the Invisible-In-Canal’s small size and deep placement needs good dexterity to insert and remove them from the ear canal.
  • The Invisible-In-Canal’s placement inside the ear can make it more susceptible to moisture and earwax accumulation. So you’ll want to ensure your ears and hearing aids are cleaned as needed to keep the sound crisp and clear.

Hear how it works

Keen to know how this fitting style operates? Listen up!

  • The Invisible-In-Canal’s tiny microphone picks up surrounding sounds, converting them into electrical signals.
  • An internal microchip amplifies and adjusts these signals based on your hearing needs.
  • A receiver (the speaker) positioned in the ear canal delivers the processed sound to the eardrum to help you hear better.

Sound like you?

If you like the sound of this fitting style, or you’d like to discuss your options with an Audiology Professional, book a hearing aid discussion appointment at your local Specsavers store.