Designer alex perry wearing a half unbuttoned white shirt and suit and iconic aviator sunglasses on top of his head
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Alex Perry Celebrates 10 Years of Style with Specsavers

10 years after the first collection was released, Australian Fashion designer Alex Perry and Specsavers are launching a range of limited-edition glasses to celebrate a decade of collaboration and style with Alex Perry.

Alex Perry talks long-term design inspiration and what inspired his latest collection with Specsavers.  

I’ve always loved glasses, and when I was given the opportunity to design my own range with Specsavers, I jumped at it. After years of struggling to find a great pair of stylish frames, collaborating with Specsavers has allowed me to transform my creative ideas and vision into a reality. We work together to encourage everybody to celebrate personal style which is something I am extremely proud of.

Over the decade, the range has evolved, however each pair of frames stays true to quality and great design. 

A few Glasses and sunglasses scattered on a white surface with sewing equipment

Both Specsavers and I pride ourselves on great design and flawless quality, something that has defined the range over the past 10 years. Customers are drawn to the striking accents, hints of animal print and understated colours that can be found in the range.

A pair of clear creamy pink glasses with spotted sides on a cream desk next to a designer sketch of a long flowing dress

I like to think that my designs evolve over time but still incorporate that statement element which my customers always love. For this limited-edition range, I was inspired by my previous collections with Specsavers. I wanted to create bold, beautiful, high-quality frames that suit a range of people and make them feel unforgettable.

A pair of transparent frames sunglasses on a cream desk next to a sewing tape measure

Each frame in the collection is sophisticated, elegant, and timeless, with of course, those Alex Perry glamorous finishes.

A pair of thin black and gold framed glasses on a cream desk next to a safety pin and with a red velvet and black glasses case blurred in the background.