Your Glasses Style

Specsavers announces winner of #LoveGlasses campaign

#LoveGlasses celebrates the individual style and confidence of those who wear glasses

Mia MacDonald is a stylish 25 year old from Auckland who has just been announced as the winner of our inaugural #LoveGlasses campaign. Simply by posting a spec selfie to social media, Mia has now become a new face of Specsavers, also scoring $1,000 towards a new designer wardrobe and a year’s supply of designer glasses from Specsavers. 

Mia MacDonald, #LoveGlasses NZ winner

Specsavers made the process of selecting my first pairs of prescription glasses so enjoyable. I love that there is a style on offer for everyone and the #LoveGlasses campaign truly celebrates the diversity of specs available to suit each and every individual. I love wearing glasses that suit my personal style, my specs have significantly improved the quality of my life and my natural confidence! Thank you #LoveGlasses and Specsavers NZ!

I would describe my spec style as Elegant, vintage and wide-eyed. 

I love both the practical, functional side of being able to see more clearly, along with the fashion element in a pair of glasses. They add a sense of sophistication and personality, unlike any other accessory.

- Specsavers Newmarket

Greer Samuel, 27, Wellington

I would say my specs style is simple sass!

I love that you can have different styles and they can change a look completely. I absolutely love that you can co-ordinate colours in frames with outfits.

I am really enjoying thicker frames at the moment. I think they look really chic and because I have a rounder face, I feel that bold square shaped glasses frame my face better.

— Specsavers Lambton Quay

Stephanie Gardner, 26, Auckland

I would describe my glasses style as fun! I have a few frames and most are bright colours, funky shapes, or 'out there' styles.

I love to change up a look just by changing my glasses.

— Specsavers Albany

Rizza B, 28, Wellington

With glasses, I see everything crystal clear without squinting. Plus, glasses have the added bonus of looking wise with style.

I love the Aviator. Classic, very stylish and looks good on both men and women. it will never go out of style!

— Specsavers Lower Hut Queensgate

Joseph Brul, 31, Auckland

As an operating room nurse, clear vision is really important. Wearing glasses has a been part of my life for a long time and I love them. Aside from the fact that my eyes need them, it’s great to try some new looks too. 

I would say that my glasses style is classic, casual and sporty. I always try to match it with my frames to my personality and face shape.

— Specsavers Glenfield Mall